Updating sql database in asp net youcam sex

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Make sure that Microsoft Azure App Service is selected and click Publish.

Publishing opens the Create App Service dialog, which helps you create all the Azure resources you need to run your ASP. In the Create App Service dialog, click Add an account, and then sign in to your Azure subscription.

I am able to access the database and insert new customer but it doesn't work when i try to update any record. thank you so much this is all my code You have two if statements that check if the query string is empty or null but not one that checks if it isn't. If so, check that there are no exceptions thrown elsewhere during the request which might cause the transaction to roll back - leaving the data unchanged. To String() if rows Affected = 1 then label = "* Your details have been updated and saved" else label = "* Your details could not be updated" end if End Function Does your page have a Requires Transaction property?I currently have a problem attepting to update a record within my database. I have a webpage that displays in text boxes a users details, these details are taken from the session upon login.

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