Sweet dee dating a retarded person full episode

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The gang tries to understand why he is so cheery, and he reveals that he has written a musical.

Mac is initially pleased with playing the little boy and the Dayman, which makes Dennis, who is playing the Nightman jealous. They begin rehearsals, and Dee argues with Charlie over her song's lyrics, claiming they sound like she molests children. He gives her a ticket to the musical and promises that if she comes, he will never bother her ever again for the rest of her life. The night of musical arrives, and Charlie brings Gladys in to play the piano. Best Scene: In the first episode where Charlie shows a knack for coming up with an elaborate scheme, it’s also the first episode where we meet Artemis and Carmen, both classic recurring characters.Artemis going coyote ugly and Mac committing a hate crime by punching Carmen repeatedly in the face keep the laughter from going in remission.

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