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CALDWELL - The Canyon County Coroner's Office has identified the two remaining victims found dead on a Canyon County property in June.

Nadja Medley, 48, and Payton Medley, 14, both of Ogden, Utah, were identified through DNA evidence, the coroner said."There was evidence found during the detective's investigation that was known to be strictly to those people and through that we were able to get DNA off those items," said Canyon County Coroner Vicki De Geus-Morris.

Donahue said evidence was found in the car, and that the evidence was brought back to Canyon County. There have been numerous alleged sightings, but no credible ones, Donahue said.

Nadja Medley and Bullinger had been dating for more than two years, friends told KTVB back in June, and Medley and her daughter had moved in with Bullinger at the KCID Road home not long before the bodies were discovered.

It was behind the eye, up against the brain, attached to the muscles,' he said.

But after Dr Levitin agreed to do the surgery, Mc Culley's operation date was set for October 18.

A major part of the challenge in locating Bullinger, Donahue explained, is the head start he had on authorities.

The bodies had enough time for decomposition to set in before they were found, and Donahue noted that Bullinger's car wasn't found for about three weeks after that.

Collectively, we are praying that the truth will be revealed and we will be able to begin the road to healing.Because of the degree of decomposition, it took significantly longer to identify Nadja Medley and her daughter.De Geus-Morris said bone marrow from the victims and DNA from personal items helped to identify them.All three bodies were found shot to death and hidden in a shed on the property.Bullinger, who is the subject of a nationwide manhunt, is considered armed and dangerous.

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