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Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 4-101.

The nature and taxonomic composition of coral symbiomes as drivers of performance limits in scleractinian corals. Sedimentary Facies Of Bora Bora, Darwin'S Type Barrier Reef (Society Islands, South Pacific): The Unexpected Occurrence Of Non-Skeletal Grains.

Increased impervious surface area in developed landscapes can contribute to higher maximum flows and lower minimum flows in rivers and streams than those in more pristine settings. Anomalous Ba/Ca signals associated with low temperature stresses in Porites corals from Daya Bay, northern South China Sea. Collado-Vides, L; Mazzei, V; Thyberg, T; Lirman, D. Spatio-temporal patterns and nutrient status of macroalgae in a heavily managed region of Biscayne Bay, Florida, USA. Cooper, TF; Berkelmans, R; Ulstrup, KE; Weeks, S; Radford, B; Jones, AM; Doyle, J; Canto, M; O'Leary, RA; van Oppen, MJH. Environmental Factors Controlling the Distribution of Symbiodinium Harboured by the Coral Acropora millepora on the Great Barrier Reef.

This "flashy" flow pattern degrades riverine habitat, can create "pulses" of freshwater flow into coastal waters, and causes property flooding.

Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 29-167. Rochelle-Newall, EJ; Chu, VT; Pringault, O; Amouroux, D; Arfi, R; Bettarel, Y; Bouvier, T; Bouvier, C; Got, P; Nguyen, TMH; Mari, X; Navarro, P; Duong, TN; Cao, TTT; Pham, TT; Ouillon, S; Torreton, JP. Phytoplankton distribution and productivity in a highly turbid, tropical coastal system (Bach Dang Estuary, Vietnam). Rodolfo-Metalpa, R; Houlbreque, F; Tambutte, E; Boisson, F; Baggini, C; Patti, FP; Jeffree, R; Fine, M; Foggo, A; Gattuso, JP; Hall-Spencer, JM. Coral and mollusc resistance to ocean acidification adversely affected by warming. Schottner, S; Pfitzner, B; Grunke, S; Rasheed, M; Wild, C; Ramette, A. Drivers of bacterial diversity dynamics in permeable carbonate and silicate coral reef sands from the Red Sea. Senal, MIS; Jacinto, GS; San Diego-Mc Glone, ML; Siringan, F; Zamora, P; Soria, L; Cardenas, MB; Villanoy, C; Cabrera, O. Nutrient inputs from submarine groundwater discharge on the Santiago reef flat, Bolinao, Northwestern Philippines. Storlazzi, CD; Fregoso, TA; Golden, NE; Finlayson, DP. Sediment dynamics and the burial and exhumation of bedrock reefs along an emergent coastline as elucidated by repetitive sonar surveys: Northern Monterey Bay, CA. Biological Monitoring, Mapping, & Scientific Research; Complex Habitat & Resources; Environmental Monitoring, Mapping, & Scientific Research; Sediment; Storms & Hurricanes; Surface & Groundwater Flow; Water Depth & Sea Level Tamura, Y; Tsuchiya, M. Floating mucus aggregates derived from benthic microorganisms on rocky intertidal reefs: Potential as food sources for benthic animals. Tanaka, K; Hanamura, Y; Chong, VC; Watanabe, S; Man, A; Kassim, FM; Kodama, M; Ichikawa, T. Stable isotope analysis reveals ontogenetic migration and the importance of a large mangrove estuary as a feeding ground for juvenile John's snapper Lutjanus johnii.

Inhibited growth in the photosymbiont-bearing foraminifer Marginopora vertebralis from the nearshore Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Roche, RC; Perry, CT; Johnson, KG; Sultana, K; Smithers, SG; Thompson, AA. Mid-Holocene coral community data as baselines for understanding contemporary reef ecological states. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 4-48.

Agriculture; Banks, Credit, & Securities; Chemical Use Regulations; Domestic Animal Waste; Fertilizer & Pesticide Use; Forestry; Housing; Impervious Surfaces; Microorganisms; Non-point Source Runoff; Nutrients; Physical & Chemical Water Quality Criteria; Point Source Discharges; Surface & Groundwater Flow; Wetlands Aeby, GS; Williams, GJ; Franklin, EC; Haapkyla, J; Harvell, CD; Neale, S; Page, CA; Raymundo, L; Vargas-Angel, B; Willis, BL; Work, TM; Davy, SK. Growth Anomalies on the Coral Genera Acropora and Porites Are Strongly Associated with Host Density and Human Population Size across the Indo-Pacific. Ahmad, SM; Padmakumari, VM; Raza, W; Venkatesham, K; Suseela, G; Sagar, N; Chamoli, A; Rajan, RS. High-resolution carbon and oxygen isotope records from a scleractinian (Porites) coral of Lakshadweep Archipelago. Annibaldi, A; Illuminati, S; Truzzi, C; Scarponi, G. SWASV speciation of Cd, Pb and Cu for the determination of seawater contamination in the area of the Nicole shipwreck (Ancona coast, Central Adriatic Sea). Water flow and contaminant levels can be monitored and mapped to target sources of inputs or potentially vulnerable areas. A scenario analysis of climate change and the Great Barrier Reef. Taxonomic And Ecologic Persistence Across The Onset Of The Late Paleozoic Ice Age: Evidence From The Upper Mississippian (Chesterian Series), Illinois Basin, United States. Bongaerts, P; Riginos, C; Hay, KB; van Oppen, MJH; Hoegh-Guldberg, O; Dove, S. Adaptive divergence in a scleractinian coral: physiological adaptation of Seriatopora hystrix to shallow and deep reef habitats. Agriculture; Biological Monitoring, Mapping, & Scientific Research; Chemical Use Regulations; Climate; Discharges; Fertilizer & Pesticide Use; Funding & Donations; Funding & Incentives; Nutrients; Octocoral; Plankton; Seagrasses; Seastars; Sediment; Stony Coral; Surface & Groundwater Flow Carlon, DB; Budd, AF; Lippe, C; Andrew, RL. The Quantitative Genetics Of Incipient Speciation: Heritability And Genetic Correlations Of Skeletal Traits In Populations Of Diverging Favia Fragum Ecomorphs. Landuse or hydrological management, agricultural practices, or mining practices can be implemented to minimize soil disturbance, impervious surfaces, and devegetation that alter surface and groundwater flow. Optimization of pumping rate and recharge through numerical modeling with special reference to small coral island aquifer. Banerjee, P; Singh, VS; Chatttopadhyay, K; Chandra, PC; Singh, B. Artificial neural network model as a potential alternative for groundwater salinity forecasting. Blanco, AC; Watanabe, A; Nadaoka, K; Motooka, S; Herrera, EC; Yamamoto, T. Estimation of nearshore groundwater discharge and its potential effects on a fringing coral reef. Boehm, AB; Yamahara, KM; Walters, SP; Layton, BA; Keymer, DP; Thompson, RS; Knee, KL; Rosener, M. Dissolved Inorganic Nitrogen, Soluble Reactive Phosphorous, and Microbial Pollutant Loading from Tropical Rural Watersheds in Hawai'i to the Coastal Ocean During Non-Storm Conditions. Bohensky, E; Butler, JRA; Costanza, R; Bohnet, I; Delisle, A; Fabricius, K; Gooch, M; Kubiszewski, I; Lukacs, G; Pert, P; Wolanski, E. Global Environmental Change-human And Policy Dimensions 6-893. Relationship of internal macrobioeroder densities in living massive Porites to turbidity and chlorophyll on the Australian Great Barrier Reef. Liu, Y; Peng, ZC; Wei, GJ; Chen, TG; Sun, WD; He, JF; Liu, GJ; Chou, CL; Shen, CC. Interannual variation of rare earth element abundances in corals from northern coast of the South China Sea and its relation with sea-level change and human activities. Louhi, P; Ovaska, M; Maki-Petays, A; Erkinaro, J; Muotka, T. Does fine sediment constrain salmonid alevin development and survival? Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 18-122. : morphological and isotopic evidence for trophic segregation in Neotropical Loricariidae. Ma, YQ; Xiao, YK; He, MY; Xiao, J; Shen, Q; Jiang, SX. Boron isotopic composition of Paleozoic brachiopod and coeval coral calcites in Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, China. Mackenzie, FT; Andersson, AJ; Arvidson, RS; Guidry, MW; Lerman, A. Land-sea carbon and nutrient fluxes and coastal ocean CO(2) exchange and acidification: Past, present, and future. Mayfield, AB; Wang, LH; Tang, PC; Fan, TY; Hsiao, YY; Tsai, CL; Chen, CS. Assessing the Impacts of Experimentally Elevated Temperature on the Biological Composition and Molecular Chaperone Gene Expression of a Reef Coral.

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