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But it’s worth noting that “Cat Person” is not the only short story in the world that pays careful attention to what it feels like to be a young woman dating in a world of dangerous men.

Mary Gaitskill has devoted story after story to that theme since the 1980s, and so has Lorrie Moore.

More recently, Lauren Holmes delved into the concern in her 2016 story collection .

So to some observers, it has been puzzling to watch “Cat Person” take off so rapidly.

) some of these Cat Person takes are revealing that this is the only fiction folks have read in a minute.

That’s on us.— wikipedia brown (@eveewing) December 11, 2017 And the idea that few of the people lauding “Cat Story” were all that familiar with short stories stung particularly badly given the current literary moment.

In a literary establishment filled with stories about the subjectivity of straight white men, for young women, it’s validation on a huge scale: Yes, this what the world is like, and no, you’re not crazy.

For some readers, the fact that “Cat Person” centers on the subjectivity of a young woman made it inherently unliterary and unworthy.

Yet they were discussing “Cat Person” as though it were the only story in the world capable of granting subjectivity to young women. just as some of the Rupi Kaur takes revealed that those were the only poems that person read all year (in years?“The point at which she receives unequivocal evidence about the kind of person he is is the point at which the story ends.” As the story began to go viral, a series of narratives began to emerge around it: It was a good story.No, it was a bad story, and people who thought it was good had not read enough short stories.fiction is distinguished from nonfiction for a reason, & we continuously frame it as such. — lαrissα phαm (@lrsphm) December 10, 2017 signifier that we associate with the personal essay.we use fiction to say certain things about the world, and it allows for devices like unreliable narration, which don't fly in a personal essay. It has an intimate, confessional feminine narrative voice, the kind of voice we have learned to associate with “It Happened to Me”–style first-person narratives.

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