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Gershwin-Grofe - Rhapsody In Blue For Piano And Orchestra (Extract) () 21. 10, Etude -5 In G Flat Major, Vivace 'Black Keys' () 23. Bach - The Well-Tempered Clavier -1 In C Major, BWV 846 () 59. Beethoven - Piano Sonata -17 In D Minor, Op.31-2, 'Tempest' - 1. In any case though, virtual reality is set to keep expanding. Liszt - Études D'exécution Transcendante D'aprés Paganini, La Campanella In G Sh () 3. Liszt - 'Annees De Pelerinage, Troisème Année', Les Jeux D'eaux A Villa D'este () 27.

Mozart - Piano Sonata -11 In A Major, K 331 - 3 () 6.

enables people to experience 6 different types of virtual reality with everything from a chair moving at the same time as the images a user is seeing to a ski type controller and more.

There are even acrophobia types of experience in 360 degree environments that are based around rescuing a cat that’s stuck on the ledge at the top of a tall building.

Bach-Kempff - Choral Prelude 'Awake, The Voice Is Sounding' BWV 645 () 98.

Schubert - Piano Quintet In A Major, D 667 'The Trout' - IV.

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