Girl forgets to turn off camera sexy

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To pay tribute to the seductive singer and his timeless hit, we’re counting down the 50 Sexiest Songs of All Time.Of course, sexiness is in the eye of the beholder, and there’s a lot of accounting for taste here.

The big, descending chorus will absolutely melt your heart, but Ronnie Spector’s lead vocals are the real dagger—sassy and vulnerable all at once.

Have you ever wanted to know what went so wrong in certain celebrity relationships?

Are you unable to stop shipping Jelena, despite their clear toxicity towards each other? But a team of creatives and sexperts are hoping to change that.

Did you forgive Jay Z before he even came out with his “Yup, I Cheated” album? We all have an interest in figuring out celeb Regardless of how dumb and impulsive old people think we are, members of the millennial and Gen Y cohort are reportedly not having as much sex as previous generations did when they were young. LA-based During that dead zone between Christmas Day and New Year’s, you might have found yourself overanalyzing every aspect of your life. Maybe it’s because you don’t have work or school to distract you from your innermost thoughts.

But one thing’s for sure: a lot of people try to distract We always thought the best practice for hometown Tindering was just not to do it.

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