G6lite not updating saves

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Sonic Wild Fire is set to hit Nintendo's upcoming console sometime in 2007, just so you know.

Screens Here Posted By: wraggster News from Lik Sang Nintendo's Star Fox returned to its roots this week with an all new DS title.

Four years later Star Fox 64 (Lylat Wars in Europe) unleashed rumble packs on the videogames industry, then it was followed up by two Game Cube sequels.

Now the series has made its first appearance on a portable, and true to form, it works with the DS Rumble Pack.

The adventure game was killed off by the console (poor controls and too much competition), and so it's ironic that Nintendo might be able to pull it from the grave.Supporting up to four players online with the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, or up to six players if you're all together locally, there's both co-op and competitive multi-player modes.Through single player and co-op choices, it's your mission to prevent any enemies slipping by you and attacking the mother ship.Adding some strategy to the mix, the map to each mission in shown on the touch screen, along with each of your team mates.Using your stylus you plot the route for each of them to follow, then let them fly.

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