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(Calder 1966, 48–49) Fall: Calder joins the staff of magazine in St. The efficiency engineers—Miller, Franklin, Basset, and Co.—hire Calder to do fieldwork for the Truscon Steel Company in Youngstown, Ohio.

Texts by René Barjavel, Gérard Bauër, Michael Butor, Jean Cassou, Jean Cocteau, Raymond Cogniat, Pierre Daninos, Pierre De Latil, Michel Del Castillo, Guy Dorans, Albert Ducrocq, Florent Fels, Georges Friedmann, Pierre Gascar, Waldemar George, Isis Kischka, André Labarthe, Henri Mondor, Jean Rostand, Adam Saulnier, Georges Simenon, Francis Viaud. (CF, certificate of graduation; Lipman 1976, 329) Calder holds jobs with an automotive engineer named Tracy in Rutherford, New Jersey, and with New York Edison Company as a draftsman. (Calder 1966, 48–50) Summer: Calder works for Nicholas Hill, a hydraulics engineer, coloring maps for a water-supply project in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

You can download the required Pag-ibig claim forms here: PAG-IBIG FORMS WHERE TO FILE YOUR CLAIM: File your Provident benefit claim at the Pag-ibig Fund branch where the Pag-ibig member or employer has remitted the most or latest contributions.

If the member had multiple employers, check if the member’s contributions are already consolidated in the branch where you are filing.

If the legal heirs or beneficiaries are unable to file the Pag-ibig Fund Death Benefit themselves, the claim can be filed by their authorized representative, their appointed court administrator or executor.

Any authorized representative is required to present a Special Power of Attorney (SPA) (Use Pag-ibig Fund SPA Form FCP014), his or her valid IDs, and the valid IDs of the member and beneficiaries.

Notarized Proof of Surviving Legal Heirs (Pag-ibig form) 4.

You can claim death benefits from Pag-ibig Fund only if you’re a legal heir or beneficiary of a Pag-ibig member who has died. The amount of this is equal to the member’s Total Accumulated Values (TAV). List of primary legal heirs or beneficiaries: – Spouse (wife or husband) – Children, whether legitimate, illegitimate, or legally adopted – Parents of member List of secondary legal heirs or beneficiaries: – Grandparents of member (father’s side and mother’s side) – Brothers and sisters of member – Nephews and nieces of member – Other nearest relatives [adsense] Note: For the distribution or sharing of benefits, the intestate succession rules contained in the New Family Code is followed.

However, you can file a claim if you’re an authorized representative with a Special Power of Attorney (SPA), or a member’s court-appointed administrator or executor. TAV is the total of the following: – all contributions made by the member – all contributions made by the member’s employers for the member – all dividends credited by Pag-ibig to the member’s account Note: Salary loan balances or due housing loan amortizations will be deducted from the TAV. DOCUMENTS REQUIRED to FILE A DEATH BENEFIT CLAIM: 1.

Notarized Affidavit of Guardianship (Pag-ibig form) (if children are 18 years old and younger, or physically/mentally handicapped children) 5.

Birth certificates of all children, issued by NSO, if the member had children 6.

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