Definition fission track dating

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It is clear that some fission-track ages can simply be experimental artifacts of the methods used.The population and external detector methods remain the best alternatives in most mineral dating situations; but very important restrictions are imposed by the effects of anisotropic etching and accumulated radiation damage. M., Hopp, J., Schwarz, W., Trieloff, M., Reimold, W. European Science Foundation, Third International Workshop. Shock Wave Behaviour of Solids in Nature and Experiments, Limoges, France. I., Mineral associations and mineralogical criteria of the origin of "astroblemes" (in Russian). V., & Danilin, A., Meteorite craters and astroblemes in the USSR (in Russian). R., Anonymous, Textural comparsion between Popigai and Ries impact melt-bearing breccias (abstract).45th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, abstract no 2606. The Role of Impacts on the Evolution of the Atmosphere and Biosphere with Regard to Short- and Long-Term Changes, p.

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