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They even tattooed their rings on their fingers to prove their love was everlasting.

With a few children, a long history of abuse and a divorce that still echoes to this day, this marriage was one of Hip Hop’s most popular for more reasons than one.

Darlene may have been the first “Hip Hop honey,” and that’s ful.

The pair later had a child, as Karrine was with the emcee during his relocation to Arizona, in the -era.

The relationship didn’t last, as Superhead cited a physically abusive G Rap in her memoir, and she continued in a string of relationships, including comedian/television host Bill Maher.

As for Giancana, he ended up with veteran underground emcee Ma Barker, who the rapper recorded with in 2003.

Old school Rap royalty’s power-couple, Naughty By Nature’s Treach and Salt-N-Pepa’s Sandee Fenton maintained a marriage towards the end of both group’s limelight runs.

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