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This is where you get Geoff Botkin’s 200 Year Plan (also known as Multigenerational Faithfulness).Conclusion The most important thing to remember about Christian Patriarchy is its emphasis on a hierarchical family order, which it regards as the natural order ordained by God.Once he becomes a man, a son no longer need to be under male authority, and he becomes the male authority for his wife and children.Some families in Christian Patriarchy have trouble completely letting go of their sons, however, and there is in some circles the idea that even an adult son should be obedient to, or at least highly respective of, his father’s desire.Men and women have different roles to play, the man as protector and provider and the woman as nurturer and homemaker.Women are always under male authority; daughters are to obey their fathers and wives are to obey their husbands.If is not possibles possible, some argue that widow should place herself under the authority of a church elder or pastor.)Many evangelicals use the rhetoric of “male headship” but see it as merely spiritual or figurative.For Christian Patriarchy, though, being under male authority includes obedience.

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However, it should be noted that even as some Christians fight these ideas others are unknowingly influenced by them, and that is what makes understanding the ideas behind Christian Patriarchy all the more important.By obeying her male authority, a woman is obeying God. Separate Roles Christian Patriarchy holds that men are to provide and protect and women are to care for the home and the children. The idea is that the two sexes are equal, but that they have different roles to play.Both roles are highly important, and neither sex can fulfill the role of the other. The man’s role is to hold a career and provide for his family, to protect his family, and to represent his family to the world in politics and in the church.And that's when it dawned on me that I was going to end up being one of those bald character actors.But that was the first film where they started drawing hair.

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